Thanks to our leasing partner, who enables small and mid-sized companies to lease the equipment they need, instead of purchasing them and tying up their valuable capital resources, we are offering leasing as an alternative financing option for our clients.

We realise that investment is a must for companies who wish to stay competitive and remain at the cutting edge of technology. Rapid development particularly in the area of LED digital signs makes this absolutely essential. However, this may mean you have to tie up your capital and strain your liquidity. The solution lies in ‘Leasing is better than buying. 

- Grenke.ie

With our straight forward, easy to understand terms and low payment profiles, leasing can be solution for you!

What are the benefits?

  • You pay less tax
  • Your liquidity and credit lines are maintained
  • Easier to plan payments with regular instalments
  • Simple and uncomplicated processing with all-round service
  • Tailor-made and flexible products
  • Upgrade option for the state of the art technology

We focus on positive, lasting relationships

We treat every client with the highest regard. We are aware that each of our customers have unique challenges and therefore have developed solutions to meet these challenges with expertise, dedication, transparency, integrity and sincerity.

We offer personal advice and assistance in delivering the leasing solutions that reflect your current and future business requirements.

We are vendor and bank independent offering lease finance terms that give you maximum flexibility. The innovative leasing service we provide is adopted to your individual needs and we deliver the greatest degree of flexibility and efficiency.

What advantages can leasing offer you?

Leasing accelerates the effective tax-related life cycle, allowing you to keep your technology fresh. By allowing you to introduce new systems at an earlier stage, leasing makes you more responsive to ever-changing market imperatives.

This translates into far greater flexibility, not only in terms of technology but more importantly in terms of your finances.

What advantages can leasing offer you?

This is especially important for companies that need to maintain relatively high liquidity. Whereas previously you may have felt forced to continue to use the equipment for longer than really desirable, when you lease you are no longer tied to lengthy depreciation periods.