Electronic Scoreboard


GAA / Rugby / Football Electronic Scoreboards


All our electronic scoreboard have been designed and manufactured in our factory in Dublin. We have also designed and created a Scoreboard App which allows for a quick and easy score management on a 7'' Samsung tablets (provided with scoreboard). We provide 2 types scoreboards:

  1. Printed background with sponsor's logo - policarbonate glass front

  2. Full matrix LED which allows you to display multiple logos on the board during or after the game. This option allows to generate revenue from multiple sponsorship, even during other events!

Option 1- standard board had been designed with low budget in mind, without compromising on quality.

  • Each board can have static: Home (or club name)  / Visitors or digital with unlimited text length. Longer name will just slowly move in the club’s name section.  Unlike the other boards, you can also select the colour for each team.

  • Scores can be supplied in a format of 0-00 for GAA games or 00 for rugby / football games.

  • Clock can be added at the top and only enabled when needed. This section can be also used for custom messages e.g. upcoming games.

Option 2- full matrix LED scoreboard gives you a full potential of the functions of the app. 

  • You can select the layout for teams names, clock, sponsors logo, advertisement and free text messages. 

  • Selection of scores layout in the software depends on the game selected. 

  • Clock and free text messages can be enabled / disabled during the game with just one tap. 

  • Sponsor’s logo can be displayed beside the scores and team names – during the game 

We provide a full installation service to include:

  • load analytics for each board to include wind load 
  • ground works (poles / concrete base installation) 
  • final board installation 

Alternatively we can provide load analytics and all details for safe installation, in case the club wants to use their own resources or simply to reduce the level of investment required.